Tastory is a brand new food experience. The idea is to serve you irresistibly good food in a nice atmosphere whatever the occasion: breakfast to go, lunch with colleagues, coffee break, work meeting, afternoon chill or sweet treat on any given day.

The name Tastory is a combination of the words taste and story. We believe in creating food stories that are too tasty not to share.

Our love for good food, good company and good service is exactly what we want to share with you. Grab something to go, enjoy lunch in our restaurant or why not use Tastory for your afternoon meeting?

Tastory food

Food is our favourite reason to meet and at Tastory we focus on green, fresh and all natural ingredients.

You'll always find mouth-watering and innovative green dishes to combine with a variety of sauces and a high quality fish, meat or a vegetarian choice. We know variety is key for being relevant for our guests every day.

If you drop by for lunch on Tuesday, don’t hesitate to come back Wednesday for something new to taste.

We promise you new sensations that will get your taste buds going. Since your schedule and desires vary, our menu does too.

We have something for everyone, including the vegetarian, the sweet tooth and the rumbling stomach.

Tastory service

For us it’s very important that you feel welcome and comfortable. Food tastes better that way.

We value the opportunity to give you genuine personal service. Our passionate chefs are there for you in the restaurant at all times and are happy to present the food to you. A slightly more personal experience than usual, that’s how we enjoy it.

Tastory ambience

The ambience of Tastory is warm and inviting for multiple occasions throughout the day.

That’s why we offer a variety of seating areas divided into different sections - some for more lively moments and some for a more intimate and calm meeting.

Sit in one area for lunch, another for a more relaxed meeting and yet another just to enjoy a break or a snack. The carefully chosen furniture is comfortable and the different seating sections give you a good chance to find the perfect mood.

Food is our favourite reason to meet. Welcome to Tastory and join a tasty story.

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