Food & Co is a new kind of restaurant that redefines workplace catering to match today´s changing work life. It is an innovative and inspiring food companion that works in close sync with your company, offering services specifically tailored to your needs. Instead of rigid timetables, Food & Co serves guests from morning until evening, offering inspiring seasonal food, healthy take away and snacks in a relaxed warm-hearted atmosphere throughout the working day - and beyond.

"Food that makes your day"


Food & Co appear both as stand-alone restaurants and food courts with a variety of different food experiences. As a complement to Food & Co and it’s concept we provide modules. These are lighter concepts that can be integrated into a Food & Co restaurant (like a food court) or placed adjacent to the restaurant. Our intention is to build a portfolio of experiences to always have something new and innovative in the pipeline.


Wicked Rabbit is the full-hearted vegetarian restaurant experience. It is our answer to modern vegetarianism – far away from picky mentality or strict purism that avoiding meat used to be connected with. Wicked Rabbit is all about wholesome fulfilling vegetarian food that leaves meat lovers as happy as the dedicated vegetarians. It is about the joy of eating well, loving rich flavors and not taking yourself too seriously. A fun, inspiring, tasty restaurant that just happens to be vegetarian.

Hav a Java is your genuine coffee house experience at work. It is a Nordic, urban and relaxed environment that lifts your mood or brings a little break to your day. Hav a Java is offering healthy food and snacks made from scratch, using seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible.

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