We always strive to produce locally-sourced, nutritious and great tasting food for any format and location. Amica means friend in Latin and this branded solution is a loyal ally to a wide range of sectors, from daycare and schools to elderly homes and hospitals.

“Your food friend for life”


What does Amica stand for?

Trustworthy partnership

We have a close and transparent partnership with our clients where we listen, understand and adapt to continuously deliver on expectations and guest insights.

Delicious yet affordable food

We choose our high quality suppliers carefully, and we are experts at optimizing the produce we purchase, that way we can guarantee to always cook delicious, healthy and affordable food.

Served with a caring touch

We put our heart into our work and it shows. We deliver efficient service with a smile to create a place where guests want to spend time.

A trustworthy partnership that delivers delicious yet affordable food, served with a caring touch.

That's the Amica value proposition.

Your logistics

Local kitchens, central kitchens, meals-on-wheels, hot and cold food delivery and professional logistical solutions are all strengths of the Amica brand. This is a performance brand that reflects our experience, heritage and mission to exceed client and guest expectations.

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